Jewish-American siblings John and Billie are caught in a storm while hiking through the Black Forest. They are offered shelter by two unusual twin sisters, Eve and Lilith, who have lived alone together in an abandoned hunting lodge since they were children. There, secluded from the outside world, the travelers are initiated into a mysterious and transformative ritual.

A story of self-discovery, ritual, and revelation, HECATE HOUSE merges the worlds of narrative play, installation art, and pagan practice. As the characters move deeper into the mysteries of the house, the audience is immersed into a responsive audio-visual landscape pulsing with lush, poetic imagery, live electronic music improvisations, and a narrative structure which shifts into dream-like abstraction. Moments of cinematic intimacy give way to mythically operatic sequences, while intricately choreographed dances descend into primal bacchanalia.

Written by Christopher Adams-Cohen
Directed by James Darrah
sound curation & composition Farah Hazim & Wissam Sader
Lights & Set Michał ANdrysiak
Choreography Andrea Gålad
Production Design Antoinette Adams
Styling Mayliss Salles
Dramaturgy Patty Kim
Assistant Director Jos McKain

Christopher Adams-Cohen, Johannes Bauer, Orion Dahling, Salome Kießling, Carolin Ott, Salber Lee Williams