protocol for each performer

- 2 moderators running the plateform: answering calls, placing and moving the phones in the space
- 2 analog timers
- 8 distant performers
- 8 call devices (mostly are borrowed from the audience)
- 6 metal pieces for sound amplification

you can call this number ********** in between 23:15 and 23:30
please hang up at 23:30 depending on the location of the phone in the space you might hear some of the other participants or/and elements from the environement as you are all going to be on loudspeaker, you are free to take that into account, or not care for that point.

you are free to say anything you feel like in the given time interval, you can come in the created cyberspace anytime you want in the given interval
once you are in, you will have to stay till the end of the performance at 23:30, even if in silence.
the subject, narration, style, rhythms, etc. are all open

*we will only be openning the lines we won’t be interacting with you, so no need to engage a conversation
*you might be able to hear the other performers, best would be to wear earphones and hold the phone in your hands so you can watch the clock
*if the line is busy, give it another try!



live sound installation in collaboration with wissam sader and 8 distant performers

Ely Daou
Marianne Villière
Susanna Gonzo
Noha Hazim
Sabrina Basten
Darius Bogda
Gabriela Perdomo

Maya Zohbi

as an electronic poem to leave to the space left for bats and other nocturnal animals before being destroyed and transformed into luxury offices/appartements,
relying on GSM  entanglements, a time based performance is created for 15 minutes, in which stories and private words come up, melt in a cloud of words, creating an improvised piece, spatialized in the space in which nobody knows what happens, but they all are willing to play the game.