*education & foreground

2019 - Ø     Ponctual event curation/production
2015            Master in architecture spé. scenography éc. nationale sup. d'architecture paris val de seine
2014            Certification creating a site-specific dance and performance works CALARTS on coursera
2013            Bachelor in architecture éc. nationale sup. d'architecture paris val de seine
2006I08    Fine arts EMA fructidor
2001I07      Drums & percussion éc. de musique lyre des charreaux


*residencies & awards

2020    residency at ElektronMusikStudion (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden
2017     1st prize sound work le parapluie Libération Apaj contest (radio france culture)



Empty Brain Resort solo sound impro, live in Empty Brain Resort in vilnius, lithuania
cardinal points improvisational project duo with live streamed calls with wissam sader, live in Studium P in vilnius, lithuania 
voyages voyages solo sound impro, live in Socialinis Centras "Emma" in kaunas, lithuania
elektronmusikstudion EMS stockholm sound residency in stockholm, sweden
vaguement ensemble octophonic composition and voices in collaboration with diane barbé part of “oneironautics” curation night in arcaoda, berlin
CANCELED petersburg art space quadraphonic live composition in collaboration with wissam sader
CANCELED acud macht neu solo sound impro: weather reports parts of “my eyes are tired” curation night by cynthia-ël hasbani
CANCELED phoemina festival solo sound impro, live in Aqui Terme, italy
waxing gibbous - MutantRadio.net radio show organised, planned and curated by Vazha Marr., stream of memory of a scape -1
Internation Drone Day - cashmere radio collective jam with wissam sader, auguste vickunaite, diane barbé, von lichtern, andreas bonkowski, federica flux
Art-Lab sound installation, “Points d’orgue” with wissam sader
Collective jam session - cashmere radio collective jam with wissam sader, diane barbé, Laure Boer, Marylou Gerra
STROMY Treehouse festival trio sound impro with diane barbé & von lichtern, Czechia
The akousmatik bush solo sound impro, berlin 
Hosêk Contemporary sound installation
Exotic animal sound improvisation for an interactive play designed by Ming Poon


noiseberg live impro. w/ vonlichtern
chantelle residency three month residency in chantelle, france
tati goes experimental .I solo sound impro and event organisation with wissam sader and diane barbé
alerta sound performance orchestrated with wissam sader with the participation of 9 distant performers
internet explorer smooth & slow live improvisation with wissam sader and vonlichtern (field recordings+modular)
cardinal points improvisational project duo with wissam sader live at werkhalle wiesenburg berlin (live streamed radios)
ocean.now live sound installation in collaboration with wissam sader
hecate house sound performances with wissam sader for a theater piece written by christopher adams-cohen, directed by james darrah & choregraphed by andrea galad at the delphi theater
in conversation with entropy live impro. w/ nour sokhon, cynthia-ël hasbani & régis lemberthe
nostalgia in reverse sound composition in collab. with wissam sader for a body based performance written by forough fami as part of the tanzforum berlin


hecate house sound composition with wissam sader for a theater piece written by christopher adams-cohen, directed by james darrah & choregraphed by andrea galad
memory of a -scape .02 - grüntaler solo live improvisation in berlin
memory of a -scape .01 - bey(t) solo live improvisation in beyrouth
ocieux live improvisation
madame claude in.between live performance
territories sound improvisation in collaboration with camille schaeffer & andrea galad
budějovický majáles residency with wissam sader - sound work for a body based performance in cz
noiseberg in.between live performance
gelegenheiten in.between live performance
gneisenaustr. in.between live performance
LÉA sound fiction script
60sec radio 60sec. sound collage
spektrum in.between live performance
something happens sound improvisation for a body based performance with wissam sader in acud theater
[nucl1*] sound work in collaboration with wissam sader


in.between experimental & improvisational music duo with wissam sader
souci [in]visible A/V duo with cynthia-ël hasbani, live improvisational music based on frequencies
Träume von Räumen (feature-length documentary) by matthias lintner sound design & music collaboration work with wissam sader
P2V03 live performance w/ wissam sader in collab. w/ cynthia-ël hasbani & camille shaeffer
le parapluie 1st prize sound work
chronotopes investigation work on geo-temporalities
fürbringerstr. imprö live improvisation


le travail sound work in collaboration w/ wissam sader
the salt welcome
hypanthium live improvisation


what is home? emotional exploration and data visualization tool
suburbia soundscape sound representation for l.doucet & t.sandrier peyrot


fictions aux havres sound work in collaboration w/ louise doucet
from x to y collaborative territory investigation