text written in collaboration with louise doucet
sound by farahazim

being attracted by this sight, when we could have entered in that church we ended up after a few steps in that place, without knowing why but it is from there that begins the story of this city.
the city appears to us in its own way, we look at it, it questions us, it makes us take the time, it frees us and imprisons us at once.
with the rules of the exquisite corpses we have written fictions inspired by different locations in Le Havre. as we get attracted to a place such as the port, an alley, a view or a sign ... we paused, one of us would begin writing a sentence inspired by the site and our feeling in-site being a component, an atmosphere, a light and then hiding all the sentence from the other player except for the last word then the other player continues the story, with his own elements, sensations, etc. the game would go on for a while.
once the fiction is written, remains only to read, understand and see what it produces. in each place we stopped, we recorded the sounds in order to capture the atmospheres.
a voice merging both players, field recordings and sine waves composed the piece.
the fiction allowed us to get a variant observation of the city, on its temporalities, where time suddenly stops, where existence is confused with the immovable fullness of things; sheltering punctual and paradoxical elements where an imaginary unfolds.
it's up to you now to listen to them, to appropriate them, to let you rock in the fiction, to imagine what could be Le Havre