in collaboration with l. doucet, j. ondo, r. aviles & r. hajbi

this project is a crossing from
the point 48°51'43.65"N 2°26'25.21"E
to the point 48°52'46.34"N2°24'56.69"E without crossing the parisian borders

find individual #1 at point 48°51'43.65"N 2°26'25.21"E
ask him the following question:

- in which space do you like to hang out in the area / neighborhood?

after giving us a mental picture of the place, the individual #1 sends us to the address #1.

from there, we find the individual #2 who will also send us to the address #2, etc.

until the arrival at the point 48°52'46.34"N2°24'56.69"E

this field work made us aware of several spheres of life, different contexts / realities and issues related to the area.

we were able to approach various individuals all cohabiting in an area less than 3km2.

the protocol allowed us to make an unexpected crossing, and we had to change the rules of the game in rosny sous bois, when on 5 people none understood the question, even reformulated.