live solo set based on tape noise, samples, frequencies and field recordings.

fund of the idea of working on site with the site, the primary idea was to build up a piece based on recordings made in the city.

beyrouth is about 20km2 with 363 033 hab. It is a very noisy city mixed with the whole complex geo-economical environmental and political situation bringing its inhabitants to a high stress level. noises coming from crowded streets, traffic, traffic jams, construction zones; all due to its density which is about 18 152 hab./km2.

In my experience, beside the stress level, I have experienced abnormal night sleeps  as I have been used to calmness for my rest, cars’ horns, cars’ alarms, car’s washing to list a few would put me out of my deep sleep, bringing me back to the light sleep stage with strange dream symbolics.

thus, I decided to make a very calming piece in order to reach a paliative effect instead. using a few sound with micro changes to develop the piece making my own metaphor of the action of remembering.

memory being a main discourse in the country of what seemed to reflect beauty in a remote-lebanon, a lebanon that used to exist before the civil war in the 70’s

many thanks to
tony sfeir for hosting the event in one of his beautiful space bey(t) mar mikhael
alia ibrahim for providing me with a calm space to reside in for the elaboration of the piece