Created by Farah Hazim & Susanna Gonzo, based on collective interviews, conducted in Berlin in December 2021 for The Weave1.

"Notes on self love" is a documentation of a collective research around masturbation and self intimacy.
The piece weaves together a series of conversations, sonic explorations, physical experiments and forest walks and suggests possible ways of creating and living with(in) intimate spaces.

“desire is not a given truth but a fabricated social field that can be modified under the condition of investing the tools of metaphors and imagination, of poetry and somatic experimentation.”
- paul preciado, contrasexual manifesto, 2018

“today i entered the state of grace.
a sudden sensation, so delicate, a brightness smiling in the air.
it’s unspeakable what happened to me in the form of feeling.
it happens only to make one feel that they really exist and that the world exists.
in this state, besides the calm happiness that irradiates from people and things, there is a brightness that i define light only because in grace everything is light.
there is a physical beatitude that has no equals. the body becomes a gift. and you feel it is a gift because you are experimenting at the direct source, the sudden gift of existing miraculously and materially.
the truth of the world is, nevertheless, intangible.
such discoveries are unspeakable and incommunicable. and unthinkable.
it is like an annunciation. as if the angel of life had come to annunciate me the world.
[ ...]
and then it left me slowly. i had everything as everything is”.
- adapted from clarice lispector, água viva, 1970

Farah Hazim and Susanna Gonzo (b. 1990) are intermediate artists and researchers, exploring alternative inquiries into hearing, listening and experiencing within a variety of improvisational contexts.