What lays there in the deep is a kind of new music, a kind of dance, a kind of trance, so rarely materialised. Oneironautics is the ability to travel consciously within a dream. We all dream, and we do so every single night. So what do we see, when we take a deep dive into the swaying waters of the subconscious? How do our representations of submarine worlds weave in our fearful narratives of madness, irrationality, and death?

Oneironautics is a bridge: between the world of dreams and waking life, between experimental electronics and sounds of the submarine world. It questions sound as a cultural system – as a system of symbols that can only evoke unanswered questions. An hommage to Suzanne Ciani's dedication for moving sounds, an aesthetic quest for different harmonies, a gathering of primitive and futuristic images.



For this first edition of Oneironautics, VAGUEMENT ENSEMBLE reunites two experimental electronic artists (Farah Hazim and Diane Barbé) with two vocalists (Celia Stroom and Sibi Abhimanue). Together with czech light designer Tereza Bartůňková, they paint an submerged environment using an 8-point soundsystem, light landscapes and aquatic installations.

diane barbé (electronics)
farah hazim (electronics)
celia stroom (voices)
sibi abhimanue (voices)

Concept : Diane Barbé
Light creation : Teres Bartůňková
Video : Cynthia-ël
Art Installation : Celia Stroom